When people think about Grand Rapids, they think about the beautiful scenery and some of the nighttime attractions that the city is home to. On the west side of the state of Michigan, things are a bit different. Here they are more laid back and people value free time over that of working too much. However, at the heart of the city is the work ethic of a blue-collar state that has kept the city going for generations. The people that work here have a sort of work and play dynamic that makes the city great for young professionals.

Young professionals make up a large percentage of the population of Grand Rapids, which is why it is the bustling business community that it is. Across the entire state of Michigan, from Detroit to Grand Rapids, there has been a need for businesses to fill the gap between the low population of recent years and the high population that is starting to flood into the major cities. This is why the city is the best for people that are looking to get their feet wet and find a business community that still knows how to have fun with a staff outing. 

All work and no play

Is not what you will find here. From corporate jobs to rural jobs that keep the community moving in the right direction, you will find everything you need in the big city of Grand Rapids. From five star dining to some of the best hotel accommodations in the state, here is where many people come for business and for the nightlife that the city has to offer. We are proud to be a part of a city that continues to grow and one that continues to attract young professionals from around the world to help the community thrive.